February 15, 2024

Casual, natural, special: Careful selection of raw materials and use of high-quality materials with a high proportion of natural fibres are important. Simclan offers long-lasting garments that can be worn...


February 15, 2024

Designed in Barcelona and handcrafted by a small group of artisans, each one of Soruka’s one-of-a-kind leather bags and wallets is created by using leftover or scraps of leather to...

Smith & Soul

February 15, 2024

Smith & Soul offer a sophisticated, casual collection which fits perfectly into Kate’s Collection ethos. Trend-conscious, open and playful designs are defined by a clear line, and are of the...


February 15, 2024

INTRODUCING ZSiska an international jewellery brand with resin it’s speciality. Founded by Siska Schippers, ZSiska represents modern, colourful and chunky and we can’t deny that Siska’s designs work fabulously with our...


February 14, 2024

Adini has evolved to be one of the most successful British boutique brands in the UK with 40 years experience in the wholesale market, with an ethos and a creative...

Currently on the rails…

February 9, 2024

You can see some of our most recent shop additions here. New stock arrives regularly, so it’s always worth popping in to browse!


February 9, 2024

ALEMBIKA offers a collection suited to women of all ages, specialising in the middle and large size range – to which Alembika’s layered look is especially flattering.  The brand was...

Eliza Gracious

February 9, 2024

Eliza Gracious is a design led branded costume jewellery collection, Sunglasses, Bag Charms/Keyrings and Scarves. Items come in beautiful branded gift packaging which makes them very giftable.


February 9, 2024

Milano Italy are specialists in creating a sophisticated collection of unique shirts, blouses and dresses for todays modern woman. They are known for their reliable fit, creating a feminine, casual silhouette...


February 9, 2024

Robell is a brand that has more than 30 years of experience in creating pants and jeans with the best fit. Robell pants are crafted for to the shape of...


February 9, 2024

Pomodoro represents the height of ladies’ fashion, there’s something for every season in all the latest cuts and prints, so you’ll find something just perfect. Whether that’s an embroidered tunic...


February 9, 2024

The trouser specialists MAC has been guaranteeing a perfect fit, above-average quality and the very latest fashions for more than 40 years. To this end, MAC designers constantly strive to...

Joseph Ribkoff

February 9, 2024

Joseph Ribkoff designs classic and contemporary garments for fashion-forward women with a youthful state of mind. Each one of their carefully tailored pieces offers the effortless fashion, fit, and quality...


February 9, 2024

FOIL is brought to you by Longbeach Apparel who has been operating out of Christchurch, New Zealand for over 40 years. Craftsmanship, quality fabrics, ethical garment sourcing and supply is close to...


February 9, 2024

A handcrafted, artistic brand, not simply in the clothing, but the fabrics, and the pleating, but in the women behind the Alquema. Alquema designers are constantly inspired by the extraordinary...

Nila Rubia

April 21, 2023

The late spring and summer collection from Nila Rubia is now on our rails!


February 9, 2023

GRIZAS designs feature contemporary, effortless fashion pieces with an artistic touch. Each garment is carefully developed from the first idea to the exceptional attention to detail with a strong focus...